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Quinlan & Sadowski, P.C. is a law firm located in Norwood, Massachusetts. We provide diligent, forthright representation and advice to clients when they need an effective advocate on their behalf.

We are a firm of experienced attorneys who have been providing sound legal advice and services for more than 30 years in State and Federal Courts, before administrative and municipal boards dealing with a variety of complex matters.

Quinlan & Sadowski, P.C. seeks to provide quality legal services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

It is our goal to provide counsel to our clients on a variety of issues, never losing sight of the fact that serving our clients best interests are the core foundation of our practice.

As a smaller-sized law firm, we have the ability to focus our skills on behalf of our clients' interests using a responsive and flexible approach to secure favorable results. Quinlan & Sadowski, P.C. is a professional corporation offering complete legal services to individuals, corporations, institutions and estates.

Legal Services We Provide

We serve as trial counsel for disputes in all courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States District Court in Massachusetts. We have professional affiliations with other counsel and firms to provide representation in complex criminal and civil litigation and have worked with our colleagues in protecting our clients rights in complex Bankruptcy proceedings and business disputes.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with claims for personal injury, claims involving public and private construction projects, commercial disputes, litigation of mechanic lien claims, workmen’s compensation, issues relating to surety bonds and probate and family law matters.

We have been privileged to represent clients large and small in a variety of land use related issues concerning subdivision development, zoning and conservation disputes and other municipal claims.

Quinlan & Sadowski - A Civil Trial Firm Focused on:

• Personal Injury

• Construction Litigation

• Civil Litigation

• Probate Matters

• Arbitration and Mediation

• Commercial Litigation

• Mechanics Liens and Surety Bond claims

• Real Estate and Contested Land Use

• Divorce Law and Family Law

• Workers Compensation Matters