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Edward J. Quinlan, Esq

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Robert Hoffer


Quinlan & Sadowski, P.C.

Attorneys at Law

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Most of our clients have worked with Ed Quinlan or Rick Sadowski for a number of years. Our preference is to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Quinlan & Sadowski Clients Include:

  • national insurance companies
  • a leading national Surety Bond company
  • an international adjustment service
  • large and small construction companies
  • general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers
  • large and small manufacturing corporations
  • municipalities with construction related claims
  • a leading home supply retailer
  • a leading food service franchise company

We work frequently with risk managers and insurance adjusters, and are sensitive to the need for timely and and accurate status reports. We strive to provide thorough, aggressive represention that assists our clients in dealing effectively with a range of issues.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury -Construction Litigation - Commercial Litigation - Real Estate and Contested Land Use - Divorce Law and Family Law - Workers Compensation Matters - Civil Litigation  - Arbitration and Mediation - Mechanics Lien  and Surety Bond Claims