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Attorneys Areas of Law Practice

At Quinlan & Sadowski, P.C., our attorneys not only have a broad understanding of the law, but also have a variety of areas of expertise. Excellent  litigators, effective negotiators and experienced mediators  our attorneys work diligently for their clients both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Ed represents contractors, subcontractors and others in bid disputes, and damages claims with government agencies, sureties, insurers, and individuals, and has represented municipalities, sureties and contractors in recovery actions relating to contractual disputes. - Ed's practice also includes administrative proceedings, land development and land use disputes, as well as employment and labor issues.

Rick Sadowski  represented many of the nation's largest manufacturers and insurance companies in the defense of substantial product liability, motor vehicle tort, professional liability, municipal liability, and real property claimsRick also focuses his practice in the field of Divorce and Family Law

David Keenan concentrates in areas of business law, contracts, commercial litigation, personal injury and commercial lease issues. 

Magdalena Loret  concentrates in the areas of personal injury., contracts, commercial and construction litigation. She represents buyers and sellers at real estate closings, probate of estates, dental malpractice claims, drafting wills and health care proxies

Robert J. Hoffer General civil litigationRepresented banks in commercial disputes, landlords and tenants in eviction proceedings. Primarily represent individuals in personal injury  Types of claims handled include; products liability, medical malpractice, general negligence and industrial accidents.